This information is made available by the MINOS-EURONET project, financed by the European Commission (see below).

About MINOS-EURONET merged databases:

MINOS-EURONET project team has improved the database system with some new features in order to facilitate the access to the information. The system is based on a single logon, where the user can manage all the profiles that belongs to his/her account. Therefore we have merged four databases into a single one. The four databases are: Specialists, Research Centers, Projects and Networks (see Furthermore with the occasion of each FP7 call lunched on the topics related to MINOS-EURONET project field of activity (so-called "MINOS selection" of priorities from Health, ICT, NMP) in this database system will be available also a Matching databases.

What you will find here?

The database contains the profiles of Research Centers, Specialists, national and international Projects, and Networks. Each profile is an overview of contact data about the Research Centers, Specialists, Projects, Networks; research activities, equipments available, human resources and expertise; interest and expertise in european competitions.

The matching database include the profile and the expression of interest in one form, indicating the most relevant data for partner matching according to FP7 topics for each call (i.e. resources, previous experience in EU projects, and interest to a certain topic);

Detailed presentation [...] and the new features:

  • a Research Center profile can be linked to Projects and / or Networks [...];
  • a Specialist profile can be linked to a Research Center [...];
  • for a Project or a Network profile are listed all the linked Research Centers profiles;
  • for a Research Center are listed all linked Specialist profiles;
  • on a single search by country one can get all the existing info connected with his search criteria including articles available in other MINOS-EURONET dissemination tools such as MNT Bulletin and WBM. [...]
  • each profile can be automatically transformed in pdf file for easy circulation and printing;

Why you should register in this database?

- once registered one can see all profiles collected in the in the previous development of the project (Research Centers: 407; Specialists: 388; Projects: 47; Networks: 19 - data from all over the european countries). Partner Matching - NMP 2008: 9;

- easy serch of the profiles by keywords (e.g micro, nano, bio, or FP 7 topics) or by country; each profile can be automatically transformed in pdf file for easy circulation and printing;

ADVANTAGES - to became more VISIBILE and make NEW CONTACT!

The content of this database is circulated with the occasion of different brokerage events, project meetings, conferences, workshops, etc on CD or printed brochures.

This will improve your chanceses to be visible at the European level and will give you the occasion to meet new partners suitable for your profile of activity for future collaboration or project proposals.


We are kindly inviting you to become a member of the “MINOS community” by completing our the database (to be found on This will provide you access to all the information colected here about the research groups, laboratories, companies etc. interested in cooperating and particularly in preparing proposals for FP7 from all over the Europe. MINOS is providing a better visibility of potential partners in new member states, associate or candidate countries.



Thank you, for your interest!

Note: A general presentation and the project description of partners and links to their web pages (as well as a presentation the networks they are coordinating) can be found at